Introducing CoinList Seed

Announcements May 1, 2020

Why we are introducing CoinList Seed  

Since inception, CoinList has been committed to providing products and services to the crypto startups that are trailblazing the path in our nascent industry. A cornerstone of this support has come in the form of powering public token sales for some of the most ambitious new blockchains, including Filecoin, Blockstack, Algorand, and up-and-coming Celo. This has led to over $800M in investments from over 10,000 investors globally. But as public token sales often come towards the end of the fundraising journey, we have asked ourselves, “how can we help those teams at the beginning?”  

In 2019 we launched CoinList Build, a series of online hackathons focused on live crypto networks. We collaborated with a dozen teams to run hackathons, encouraging applications to be built on top of their protocols. Nearly 2,500 developers signed up, building more than 180 projects. This was incredibly exciting for these developers and often it led to the formation of young companies, and we asked ourselves, “how can we help them?”

We thought about these questions deeply, and to answer them we are introducing CoinList Seed, a virtual demo day for crypto founders to connect with the qualified investors on CoinList.

CoinList Seed will focus on early-stage crypto startups that are looking to raise their first rounds of funding. Similar to public token sales, we will only focus on finding world-class entrepreneurs and developers to introduce to our community.

If you’re an entrepreneur or developer working on a distributed web project, we want to hear from you. If you’re an investor or other member of the community and interested in being a part of the first CoinList Seed day, we also want to hear from you.

For more information or to apply, go here.

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