Introducing cForm: Build Web3 Native Signup Forms, Whitelists, and Surveys

Adopters Nov 29, 2023

CoinList has always been the best place for ambitious builders in crypto to grow their communities of high quality early adopters, be it via community sales, airdrops, incentivized testnets, or other diverse offerings.

Today, we’re raising the bar once again.

Introducing cForm, the fastest way to build an on-chain whitelist, sign-up form, or survey.

Builders can use cForm to attract and validate community members by creating crypto-native forms that verify on-chain wallets, social media accounts, and gather other valuable information without any engineering work. By validating respondent inputs, cForm safeguards against bots and ensures higher-quality responses. Use cases for cForm include:

  • Whitelists for incentivized testnets and rewards campaigns
  • Applications for grant programs
  • Signup forms with access gating based on on-chain activity
  • Audience curation for targeted airdrops
  • Community voting and surveys

Say goodbye to spam accounts flooding in through Google Forms. Simply create the form, distribute the shareable link to your community, capture the verified data you need, and get a spreadsheet export of the responses — for free!

Get started today »

Pilot Case Study: Bondex

Bondex, Web3’s response to LinkedIn and a leader in the Web3 recruiting sector, recently agreed to collaborate with CoinList to run an incentivized rewards program aimed at boosting adoption of their Job Portal.

Users may become eligible for community airdrops by engaging in actions such as app downloads, professional profile updates, friend invitations, and referrals.

Qualified participants* that sign up through CoinList may receive up to a 2x airdrop allocation by verifying their wallet address and social media accounts through cForm.

See the Bondex cForm in action here »

Legal notice

*Certain jurisdictional limitations apply, as outlined by Bondex’s terms and conditions.

This blog post is being distributed by CoinList Global Services Ltd., dba “CoinList,” or one of its subsidiaries. CoinList does not provide—and this post shall not be construed as—investment, legal or tax advice. This blog post and use of the CoinList website is subject to certain disclosures, restrictions and risks, available here and here.

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