CoinList Karma At 6 Months: A Massive Quality Boost To Crypto Communities

CoinList Karma Apr 21, 2022

At CoinList, we don't just run token sales. Most token sales platforms will target a random group of users who are likely to sell tokens as soon as they can. At CoinList, we strive to drive targeted and high-quality communities of early adopters into crypto networks and maximize their chances to succeed.

The way we drive high-quality communities into crypto networks is through CoinList Karma. Karma is a points system that rewards users who add value to crypto networks - stakers, validators, miners, developers, voters, liquidity providers, and more. Users with sufficient Karma points get access to the Token Sales Priority Queue, which improves their chances of securing a spot in a sale by up to 40x.

How much more valuable are Priority Queue users to token networks than typical token sale participants? We ran the numbers on the first 6 months of Karma. Here's what we found:

  • Priority Queue users are up to 3x more likely to stake their assets. Staking is critical to ensuring the security and efficiency of Proof-of-Stake projects like Casper, Flow, Tezos, and Mina. By staking their funds on CoinList, users make these blockchains more resistant to attacks and strengthen their ability to process transactions.
  • Priority Queue users are up to 4x more likely to participate in protocol governance. Since protocol growth and decentralization are driven by community members, governance is critical for token networks. Decentralized governance has facilitated billions of dollars worth of treasury management, in the aggregate of protocol mergers, major protocol upgrades, liquid token sales from DAO treasuries, and all sorts of initiatives that drive protocols forward. While voter apathy has historically plagued governance, with CoinList, projects like Braintrust have seen a 120x increase in voter participation.
  • Since launching CoinList Karma, we’ve seen a 16x growth in the number of Filecoin lenders on CoinList. This growth is critical in attaining the FIL needed for Filecoin storage providers to scale up their operations. This allows for storage providers to efficiently store and retrieve data on the Filecoin network, helping push forward the promise of decentralized storage.
  • On the retail side, Priority Queue users are up to 40x more likely to get a spot in token sales. While an allocation is never guaranteed, CoinList users with a Karma score above 2,000 can generally access the Priority Queue on CoinList, significantly increasing their chances of securing an allocation.

For more details on Karma, please be sure to check out our Karma FAQ.

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Legal notice

CoinList token sales are not available to residents of the United States, China, Canada, South Korea, and certain other jurisdictions.

CoinList determines and implements criteria in its sole discretion to evaluate contributions and assign points to users. CoinList does not undertake any obligation to disclose any deliberation or determination concerning any particular user.

This blog post is being distributed by Amalgamated Token Services Inc., dba “CoinList,” or one of its subsidiaries. This blog post and use of the CoinList website is subject to certain disclosures, restrictions and risks, available here.

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