Trade Vega Protocol (VEGA) on CoinList

Listings Sep 03, 2021

After facilitating the Vega (VEGA) token sale on CoinList in July that added more than 21,500 new token holders to the Vega community, we’re excited to announce that VEGA is now available for trading on CoinList Pro,, and the CoinList mobile app.

Web3’s Native Derivatives Layer

Vega is the derivatives layer for Web3. It is a proof-of-stake bridge to all major blockchains, providing an open and highly flexible derivatives protocol scaling layer with all the sophistication of investment-bank grade software.

VEGA tokens are designed to secure the network through staking, whereby token holders choose which network validator they wish to delegate their tokens to. In exchange for delegating their tokens, the validators must distribute a share of the trading fees generated by the network to token holders. Token holders also have the ability to control the network functionality and creation of new markets through governance voting. Learn more about Vega here »

As Vega continues to build the derivatives layer for Web3, CoinList users now have a trustworthy trading solution to participate in these networks. In addition, we are pleased to share that VEGA staking will soon be available on CoinList, allowing users to earn rewards on a monthly cadence. Stay tuned for more details.

Trade VEGA »

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