Orchid (OXT) Rewards on CoinList Have Been Extended! Learn about Orchid, Earn OXT

Announcements Dec 16, 2020

We are excited to announce that the Orchid (OXT) Rewards campaign on CoinList has been extended by popular demand!

Eligible users can earn $5 in OXT by watching a video about Orchid and successfully answering 5 questions about the content.

CoinList has long been a believer in and supporter of Orchid on its mission to offer users better digital privacy, and we are excited to continue our relationship as Orchid moves towards mainstream adoption. Since launching OXT trading on CoinList in April, we’ve enabled thousands of data users and data providers to purchase OXT in order to access the Orchid service. As the network grows, there must be a compliant and trustworthy OXT market. CoinList is committed to supporting that growth.

Here’s how the OXT rewards program on CoinList works:

  1. Sign into your CoinList account
  2. Visit coinlist.co/asset/orchid and click on the purple "Earn OXT" button
  3. Learn about Orchid & OXT
  4. Complete the tasks
  5. Earn OXT distributed directly into your CoinList Wallet within 4 business days after successfully completing the task

Stay tuned for more updates to the Orchid program and for collaborations with other projects. Get started protecting your privacy with Orchid’s crypto-powered VPN at Orchid.com.

Questions? Send us a message at team@coinlist.co.

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Rules & FAQ »

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