Improving Our Conversion Fees For Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) And Wrapped Filecoin (EFIL)

DeFi Nov 18, 2021

We are excited to introduce a new volume-based fee structure for traders that want to convert between BTC/WBTC and FIL/EFIL. The new fee structure gives discounted trading rates to anyone that trades larger amounts of WBTC and EFIL.

For Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), the fees start at 0.25% for minting / redeeming 0-10 BTC/WBTC and decrease from there to 0.10% mint / 0.14% redeem.

For Wrapped Filecoin (EFIL), the fees start at 0.25% for minting / 0.50% for redeeming 0-2,500 FIL/EFIL and decrease from there to 0.175% mint / 0.35% redeem.

The new fees are based on a rolling 14 day volume and are effective immediately. Please note that WBTC and EFIL related fees are on a separate schedule from CoinList Pro and fees, including promotions and volume-based fees. For more information please visit our fees page.

Wrapped assets like WBTC and EFIL provide traders, institutions, and dapps a bridge to the Ethereum network while maintaining exposure to BTC and FIL. Wrapping the asset enables token holders to put their BTC/FIL to work in DeFi and other smart contract-based programs.

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Legal Notice

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