Filecoin Weekly Update: Why Do We Need A Decentralized Storage System?

Filecoin Sep 15, 2020

September is off to a fast and productive start for the Filecoin team as we enter the home stretch of Filecoin’s highly anticipated mainnet launch and trading on CoinList. Let’s dive in:

  • Announcing Space Race 2: For the past 3 weeks, over 356 miners from 32 countries have been participating in the Filecoin Space Race to onboard as much storage as possible to the Testnet. Participation has far outpaced initial expectations, with over 200 PiB of storage onboarded. This week, Filecoin announced Space Race 2, a second phase of competition building on the massive network growth so far during the Space Race. Learn more.
  • Understanding the complex crypto system meant to rival AWS: The Filecoin marketplace delivers a totally new and secure way for anyone in the world to buy and sell storage. In today’s CoinDesk piece on Filecoin, author Brady Dale breaks down 7 key takeaways from Filecoin’s token economy. Read more.
  • Live AMA with the Filecoin Team: As a part of the Space Race events program, on September 9th the Filecoin team hosted another live AMA with the Filecoin community, answering questions on Space Race, cryptoeconomics, Filecoin mining. Check out a summary of the answers from the Q&A here.
  • Why do we need a decentralized storage system? Filecoin founder Juan Benet explains Filecoin and the future of data storage with CoinDesk reporter Brady Dale as part of the Consensus: Distributed event. Watch now.
  • Spark University Hackathon Winners: In June, the Filecoin team announced that Filecoin was participating as a challenge partner in the Spark University Hackathon, an eight-week online competition focused on the development of novel blockchain solutions. Last week, they announced the winners of the first of two Filecoin-focused challenges: Build a system for storing, retrieving, and verifying scientific or other research data on Filecoin.

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