Filecoin Weekly Update: Launching Filecoin’s Bridge to DeFi

Filecoin Oct 5, 2020

Smart investors know being early is critical to success in crypto, and we built CoinList to give you access to the best crypto projects before other exchanges.

Filecoin, the token sale that raised $205M, and the most anticipated network launch of 2020, is scheduled to launch its network on October 15th. Set up a CoinList account today and be the first to trade Filecoin.

Over the last few weeks, the Filecoin network has made immense progress. More than 600 miners have on-boarded over 325 PiB of storage, 265 clients have made 40,000+ storage and retrieval deals, and collectively the community has thoroughly exercised and tested the network’s functionality, security, and resilience.

Here’s a recap of the progress this week as we enter the home stretch of Filecoin’s highly anticipated mainnet launch, and concurrent FIL trading on CoinList.

  • ConsenSys Codefi to Launch a Filecoin DeFi Bridge and Storage Market: Consensys Codefi announced last week that CodefiActivate will catalyze the launch of the Filecoin network's mainnet with two new product offerings: Filecoin DeFi Bridge and Filecoin Storage. Learn more here.
  • Meet the Slingshot Teams: Filecoin is about a week into the Space Race 2 Slingshot competition, and it is off to an exciting start! So far, 370+ participants have made over 125,000 storage deals to store valuable data on the Filecoin network, competing for a potential 500,000 FIL prize pool. Meet the teams.
  • Live AMA with the Filecoin Team: As a part of the Space Race events program, the Filecoin team are hosting weekly live AMA’s with the Filecoin community. On September 30th, Filecoin hosted their fifth AMA answering 20+ questions on Space Race 2, Filecoin mining, and Mainnet Liftoff. Click here for a summary of the exciting Q&A.
  • Want to learn more about Filecoin? Start here: The following ‘syllabus’ of instructional videos and materials covers all aspects of the Filecoin network – from mining to storage to application development. This resource is designed for anyone interested in learning about the history and development of the network, as well as how to leverage the network at all levels: mining, building, and storing. Read more.

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