Filecoin Weekly Update: Behind the scenes of the Space Race

Filecoin Sep 08, 2020

September is off to a busy start for the Filecoin team as we enter the home stretch of Filecoin’s highly anticipated mainnet launch and trading on CoinList. Filecoin's Space Race, the three-week competition to see how much storage miners can put on its network is off to a flying start, and we have a behind-the-scenes look at those competing and why.

  • Filecoin Space Race has passed 140PiB!: The third and final week of the Filecoin Testnet Incentives Program (aka Filecoin Space Race) is underway. Catch up on all the action from week two of the Space Race, including who topped the global and continental leaderboards, who is rising through the ranks, and what’s to come this week, in this video recap or this “behind the scenes” report published by Decrypt.
  • Space Race Miners Show & Tell: Last Thursday, Filecoin miners ChainSafe Systems, IPFS Force, 1475, and Interstellar Quantum held a “show and tell” where they shared their mining architecture, hardware, team, and what they love about mining on Filecoin. Watch the event here.
  • Engineering Filecoin's Economy with Juan Benet: Filecoin founder Juan Benet and other members of the Filecoin team held a virtual AMA last week to answer questions about Filecoin, it’s cryptoeconomic mechanisms and models, and the Space Race. Watch the presentation here and read the AMA recap here.  
  • Deep Dive on Filecoin Mining: Last Tuesday, Filecoin engineer Magik presented a deep dive on Filecoin mining as part of the Space Race workshops. Watch the presentation here.
  • Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator: Applications have officially closed for the Filecoin LaunchPad Accelerator, a full-time, fully-remote program for teams building open, interoperable, and programmable tools for the decentralized web. Created by Protocol Labs and Consensys, the program will provide 15 to 20 accepted companies with an investment of $80K along with mentorship and guidance. Learn more here.

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