Casper Token Sale Update: Ensuring Greater Participation to Meet Unprecedented Demand

Token Sales Mar 10, 2021

Two weeks ago, we announced the Casper token sale on CoinList. Since then, we’ve seen incredible demand and record registration numbers. The Casper sale more than doubled its unique registrant count and is now approaching 100,000 unique registrants. With two weeks to go until the sale begins, it has already become CoinList’s most-registered-for token sale, ever. We are extremely excited and grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response from the community.

To better meet this historic demand, the Casper Association and CoinList have decided to allocate an additional six percent of CSPR supply, from the Casper Association’s reserve, for the CoinList sale.  

In addition to this increased allocation for the CoinList sale, we are excited to announce that we are adjusting some sale parameters so that 1) more community members can participate in the sale; 2) the Casper network is more decentralized on day one; and 3) sale registrants have a smoother purchasing experience. To accomplish this, we are making four changes to the sale:

1. Increasing sale supply across all three options:

  • Option 1: increasing sale supply from 4% of total genesis block supply (400,000,000 CSPR) to 8% (800,000,000 CSPR)
  • Option 2: increasing sale supply from 3% of total genesis block supply (300,000,000 CSPR) to 4% (400,000,000 CSPR)
  • Option 3: increasing sale supply from 3% of total genesis block supply (300,000,000 CSPR) to 4% (400,000,000 CSPR)

2. Lowering max purchase caps for all three options:

  • Option 1: adjusting the max purchase cap from $5,000 to $1,000
  • Option 2: adjusting the max purchase cap from $1,000,000 to $250,000
  • Option 3: adjusting the max purchase cap from $30,000 to $5,000

3. Shortening overall sale time and staggering Options 2 and 3:

  • Option 1: sale dates shortened to March 23, 00:00 UTC - March 28, 11:59PM UTC
  • Option 2: sale dates adjusted to March 25 00:00 UTC - March 28 11:59PM UTC
  • Option 3: sale dates adjusted to March 26 00:00 UTC - March 28 11:59PM UTC

* Sale options will only remain open as long as there is sale supply available

4. Introducing 8% APR yield during the lockup period for Options 1 and 2

  • Option 1: 8% yield during the 12-month lockup period
  • Option 2: 8% yield during the 6-month lockup period
  • Option 3: no yield as tokens will unlock 40 days after the sale

* Yield only applies to users who receive tokens in their CoinList Wallets and does not apply to the 6-month release periods (when the options’ lockup periods end and successful purchasers begin to receive tokens)

We are confident that these changes will provide more registrants the opportunity to participate in each option of their choosing while also enabling a smoother onboarding experience. The adjustments were made in the spirit of democratizing access for as many qualified participants as possible. After all, the more decentralized Casper is early on, the stronger the overall network is.

As the sale has extremely high demand, here are also a few quick tips to increase your odds of successfully purchasing CSPR tokens:

  • Pre-fund your CoinList Wallet with USDC/USDT before March 23 - By prefunding your CoinList accounts with USDC/USDT early, you will be able to skip the conversion step on the day of the sale and complete your purchase as soon as possible. You can fund your account now at
  • Complete your KYC process before March 23 - Due to the overwhelming demand, KYC processing times may take longer than usual. Thus, we strongly recommend that you submit your KYC application in the registration flows as soon as possible. Please note that registrants for Option 2 need to submit a valid proof of residence document in compliance with Swiss regulations ahead of the sale. You can find the links to the registrations flows at
  • Do NOT use a bot - In the spirit of fairness, we are prohibiting the use of bots for any token sale purchases. Bots not only give people an unfair advantage, but also make the purchase experience worse for everyone else. Thus, if we find any users using bots to purchase tokens we will immediately blacklist the user and cancel all purchases associated with the account.

Registration for the Casper sale is open now »

CoinList Chats: This Thursday, March 11th at 6AM PST / 9AM EST, Spenser Huang of CoinList will be hosting a live broadcast with Mrinal Manohar (CEO, CasperLabs) and Medha Parlikar (CTO, CasperLabs) to discuss the Casper platform, vision, and recent traction with enterprise adoption.

Register »

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