ZetaChain Sees Major Increase In Testnet Applications Through CoinList

Builders Jun 7, 2023

Our mission at CoinList is to empower builders at any stage in their journey and connect them with high quality early adopters of their products.

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know that incentivized testnets are a critical part of ensuring networks are battle-tested in a decentralized manner and ready for mainnet network launch.

Recently, CoinList sourced over 25,000 testnet applications within a single week for ZetaChain’s testnet — building on and attracting nearly 5x more quality validators than before.

Let’s take a closer look.

Case Study: ZetaChain Incentivized Testnet on CoinList

ZetaChain, a new L1 with built-in chain-agnostic interoperability, is launching a new testnet for validators to gain early hands-on node operating experience on the ZetaChain network, and earn rewards for their contributions.

The testnet program is aimed at having 150 experienced validators, representing diverse geographical locations based on the following criteria:

  • Experience operating a Cosmos SDK-based Validator
  • Experience developing with or testing the security of Cosmos SDK protocols and EVM-compatible smart contract layers
  • DevOps and other operational experience
  • Ability to fulfill hardware requirements as well as access to required APIs
  • Successful KYC verification

CoinList is aiding the initiative by serving as a one-stop solution providing marketing, compliance, and distribution support. Initial results have driven:

  • Substantial volume and awareness: CoinList drove 25K applications to the ZetaChain testnet within a week.
  • 5x as many quality validators in less than 1/5 of the time: Of the 25K submissions, ~1500 were identified as high-quality applications based on various filtering methods implemented by the ZetaChain team, which is 5x more quality applicants than ZetaChain had previously.

CoinList’s efforts enabled an expansive candidate pool of ~1800 high quality applicants for a program capped at 150 validator participants.

Need help with your Testnet?

CoinList’s platform provides a solution for sourcing, vetting and rewarding testnet participants all in one place, eliminating the operational complexity and overhead costs of having to manage multiple platforms.

We’ve onboarded participants for a broad range of first-rate protocols’ incentivized testnet programs (e.g. Sui, Solana, Mina). As such, we have garnered a large community of experienced retail and institutional validators on its platform, which can be leveraged to find quality network participants for launching projects. Additionally, our robust KYC services and on-platform distribution support enhances compliance while rewarding participants.

Need to source, onboard, and reward validators and developers for your testnet program? Apply here »

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