Qredo Token Sale Drives 30,000+ New Token Holders

Announcements Jul 15, 2021

We’re excited to announce that the Qredo Token Sale on CoinList has added more than 30,000 new token holders to the Qredo community, with more than $16M in QRDO tokens purchased throughout the course of the sale.

The event drew significant demand on CoinList, with more than 470,000 unique registrants expressing their interest in the project.

While Satoshi took the trust out of transactions with Bitcoin, centralized methods of managing private keys reintroduced trust to the crypto market. Storing vulnerable keys in databases, and shunting them offline in hardware and paper wallets, has led to not only billion dollar security breaches, but soloed liquidity and market fragmentation: Assets are locked away and can't be readily deployed in the DeFi ecosystem, with accessibility and granular control sacrificed for the sake of limited security. Qredo changes all of that by providing radical new blockchain infrastructure that offers decentralized custody, native cross-chain swaps, and cross-platform liquidity access.

We are excited and humbled by the size and commitment of support and are proud to help make QRDO available to the broader crypto ecosystem.

To keep up to date with Qredo and their progress, follow them on Telegram and Twitter.

Congratulations to the entire Qredo community!

Legal Disclaimer

This blog post is being distributed by Amalgamated Token Services Inc., dba “CoinList,” or one of its subsidiaries. This blog post and use of the CoinList website is subject to certain disclosures, restrictions and risks, available here.

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