Improving Trading Fees On CoinList Pro

Adopters Dec 6, 2023

Three months ago, we launched a 3-month market maker incentive program to enhance the liquidity of spots markets on CoinList Pro by waiving all market maker fees and offering 0.05% maker fee rebates to eligible traders.

The campaign was a hit, with nearly 15,000 traders participating in the program and providing a better trading experience for early adopters and more robust markets for builders.

To continue that momentum and make the trading experience on CoinList even more accessible and affordable, we’re revising our trading fee structure on CoinList Pro to benefit both retail and high-volume traders.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been with us since the beginning, our new fee structure is designed to benefit all. Maker fees start at 0.25% and decrease to 0 when you trade over $1 million. Taker fees start at 0.4% and decrease to 0.025% when you trade over $5 million.

What this means for traders:

  • Reduced overall fees: More of your investment goes towards your potential gains.
  • Easier progression in lower volume tiers: New and casual traders can more readily climb the fee tier ladder.
  • Discounted rates for higher volume tiers: We’re ensuring that our platform is attractive for large-scale traders, offering rates that stand out in the market.

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