Announcing the Summer 2020 Batch of CoinList Seed Companies

Announcements Jul 14, 2020

On May 1st we introduced CoinList Seed, our new program focused on introducing investors to early-stage crypto startups that are looking to raise their first rounds of private funding.

We were thrilled with the response and received over 60 applications for the program. Last week we introduced the accepted startups to our most committed investors during the first CoinList Seed demo day. We had over 150 investors join the CoinList Seed program with funds such as CoinFund, Electric Capital, and Polychain Capital represented. Today we are excited to announce the 9 participating companies.

“CoinList Seed offered us something that we can’t easily find anywhere else, a curated selection of crypto startups presented in a ready to invest format, we were very impressed by what we saw” — Avichal Garg, Electric Capital


Abridged enables the evolution of tokenized community ownership through common interfaces.


Acala is the de-facto cross-chain DeFi shard on Polkadot, with decentralized stablecoin and staking derivatives powering open finance applications.


Alice is a web3 overlay on your phone.


Biconomy is a plug-and-play scalable & gas-efficient relayer infrastructure designed to simplify Web 3 experiences.

Injective Protocol

First fully-decentralized Layer-2 derivatives exchange protocol with cutting-edge cryptography securing every single trade.


Driving crypto adoption by making customer acquisition effective, measurable and transparent.


PARSIQ is the Blockchain-to-Everything Platform that turns Data into Action by providing everyone a seamless bridge between blockchains and the real world.

Puma Browser

Mobile browser/platform focused on seamless payments and data privacy.


Roll is protocol and web infrastructure to create and move social money anywhere, anytime across the web. Social money extends the value of digital communities beyond any platform.

If you are building something exciting in crypto and would like to participate in Seed, we’d love to hear from you!


Legal Notice

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Michael Zajko

CoinList Head of Sales

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