Announcing NEAR’s Token Sale on CoinList

Token Sales Aug 05, 2020

On or around August 11, 2020, NEAR will be selling NEAR tokens via a tiered price sale using CoinList. This offering is only available to residents of certain jurisdictions and will be NEAR’s last sale before launching their open mainnet.

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A smart contract platform to power at-scale consumer apps

NEAR is a decentralized application platform that is secure enough to manage high value assets like money or identity and performant enough to make them useful for everyday people. We’ve gotten to know the NEAR team well over the past two years and we’re incredibly impressed with what they’ve built in that time. A couple of highlights:

  • For Developers: The Account Model. NEAR’s contract-based account model is significantly more flexible than other smart contract platforms. Users with human-readable account names like `alice.near` can grant and revoke permissions to apps instead of signing every transaction manually, which allows automated interactions between accounts.
  • For Users: Progressive UX. NEAR has pioneered a ‘progressive security’ model that optimizes for low-friction interactions and allows developers to hide the blockchain entirely, including paying for gas costs and abstracting away public/private keys until users are ready to securely take possession of their accounts.
  • For Validators: Contract-Based Delegation. Staking is done at the protocol level but delegation to validators is done via smart contracts. This gives validators significantly more flexibility to offer advanced -- and automated -- financial products related to staking which specifically target the needs of their audiences.

For more information on NEAR, check out our deep dive into the NEAR protocol.

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